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Homology Modeling Professional for HyperChem


Ramachandran Plot



The "Ramachandran Plot" program is mainly used for the final assessment of the models. Alternatively, this program can simultaneously change the main-chain conformation using circle on the Ramachandran Plot window, which represent the corresponding f and y angles of the 3D structure in the HyperChem workspace. The altered conformation can be easily reverted to the original and vice versa. Moreover, the new f and y angles can be prepared as a restraint condition for the subsequent structural optimizations and molecular dynamics calculations. For example, this function can be used for logically giving an antagonist form from the corresponding agonist form.



* Three f and y regions (light-red, light-blue, and yellow regions) have been statistically determined based on about 4,000 X-ray crystal structures (without overlap of the same proteins in about 25,000 structures) in the range of 0.0-4.0 resolutions.




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